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LA Chargers Ticket Buying Guide

The Los Angeles Chargers, formerly San Diego Chargers, will finally be returning to LA to play their home games at the StubHub Center. And while the new and permanent home stadium at Hollywood Park will be the team’s official playing venue, it won’t be ready until 2019. Therefore, those who intend to buy tickets to watch LA Chargers games need to specifically understand that the home games will be played at the StubHub Center, at least for the next couple of seasons.

Actually, even if the Chargers are no longer playing at Qualcomm Stadium, the setup remains the same, which means the quickest way to get tickets is through the Chargers box office. You expect to get fair ticket prices from the official store. Nonetheless, there are times when no tickets are available or maybe the price is too high, and this means you have to look for other options.

So what are those other options? Well, why not try going to a ticket broker? They usually charge more but it doesn’t mean you don’t go to them, especially if you already no other options left. Now if both options aren’t available or feasible, then you’d be lucky if you come across a ticket holder who cancels his or her plan to see the game; and in this case, you can ask him or her to sell the ticket to you.

Furthermore, buying LA Chargers tickets isn’t really different when you’re buying tickets for other teams in the NFL. These options are purchasing a single game ticket or season tickets. If you want to buy season tickets, this usually is done before the start of the new season. The real reason why fans purchase season tickets is because they can choose a particular seat, especially now that the LA Chargers are playing on a new home and people are expected to flock the games.

But if it happens that the Chargers reach the playoffs, it only means your regular season tickets no longer have value and you’ll need to purchase additional tickets for the playoff games. Fortunately for you, NFL teams, including the Chargers, will give priority to regular season ticket holders when it comes to the purchase of additional tickets for the playoffs.

Lastly, the best way to find lower prices for season tickets to an LA Chargers game is finding someone who already is a ticket holder but cannot attend the game for some reason. If you’re lucky, you might very well get that ticket for a lesser price.

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