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What Are The Basic Golf Equipment A Beginner Needs? In the game of golf, having the right equipment is just as important as possessing the commitment and dedication to learn it. It’s not like basketball in which you only need a pair of shoes and a ball. In fact, you can try asking successful professional golfers and they’ll tell you that in achieving success in this sport, it’ll definitely take more than just the best golf club that money can buy. Speaking of golf club, perhaps you already know at this point that it is the most important of all golf equipment you are expected to have before diving into golf training. In selecting the right golf club, you really don’t have to make it so hard on yourself if you only know what you’re really looking for. Even though the USGA rules state that golfers are only allowed to carry with them 14 clubs in a tournament, you honestly don’t need that many if you’re only beginning to learn the game. Generally speaking, the beginner golf club set is to be made up of a driver, iron, and the putter. Irons for instance are the ones beginners will use for making shorter shots and they are sold as a set since they come in different sizes. And after getting to know the basic types of clubs you’ll need, the next thing to learn in order to have the best golf club is the material composition, flex, torque, and length of the shaft. Now if you aren’t interested in buying the most sophisticated golf club, you can go ahead and choose a club with a steel shaft. The downside for a steel shaft is that it is heavier than the more expensive graphite, but it does provide better durability.
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Once you’re done with the golf clubs, you now have to search and choose the right pair of golf shoes. It’s not like you’re going out there with your regular sneakers or running shoes on. As a matter of fact, your performance on the golf course will pretty much be affected by the shoes you’re wearing. Golf shoes are unique for a reason and they’re made in order to give you aid in performing. It is and will always be an indispensable component of your golf equipment. To be more specific, you need to be wearing golf shoes because they help in maintaining balance in your body so that you will achieve that perfect swing. They also help you manage through slippery and hilly terrains in the course.
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Apart from clubs and shoes, your basic golf equipment must also include a golf bag and balls. Other essentials include golf tees, gloves, clothing, and a cap.

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